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2018 Compensation and Employee Turnover Survey Now Available.
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CEO Update - April 2018

2019 Collective Bargaining to Start in May

The Community Social Services Bargaining Association recently accepted CSSEA’s formal invitation to begin bargaining on May 15th, 2018. This window of opportunity to bargain before the current agreement expires provides the parties with the prospect to build on the success of 2014 bargaining and address our members’ many challenges in attracting and retaining qualified staff. In preparation for negotiations, CSSEA has (and continues to) conduct bargaining consultation sessions in order to gain insights on the issues that are of greatest importance to members. In addition, we have consulted HR practitioners, panel members, ministries, PSEC and benefit providers and have compiled a comprehensive list of employers’ proposals for our Bargaining Committee to finalize. For a list of 2019 Bargaining Committee members, please refer to this previous CEO Update.

As we prepare for and during bargaining, CSSEA staff will be exceedingly busy, therefore we ask for your understanding in advance if our response time is longer than usual. As well, please consider the urgency of your matter when getting in touch, as we will be prioritizing resources in an effort to minimize service impact to members.

Awards of Excellence - One More Week to Nominate

We are accepting nominations for the 2018 BC Community Social Services Awards of Excellence for one more week and I encourage anyone thinking about nominating a colleague to fill out a nomination soon. The awards are a wonderful way to recognize individuals who go above and beyond in their roles in BC’s publicly funded social services sector. Nominations will close on April 20 at 5pm.

2018 Compensation and Employee Turnover Survey – Your Input is Required

Your completion of the 2018 Compensation and Employee Turnover Survey is especially important this year in light of the fact we will be at the bargaining table earlier then expected. Data gathered from this survey will be used to report the sector’s total compensation cost to PSEC and assist in quantifying compensation, compression (and inversion) challenges that our sector faces both with the union and management staff. Obtain the survey on CSSEA’s website and submit it as early as possible — no later than May 31.

CSS WorkSafeBC Pilot Project

We will soon be launching the Community Social Services Health & Safety Handbook, which is the culmination of three years of work on the CSS WorkSafeBC Pilot Project. The handbook will be a first-of-its-kind in Canada for the community social services sector. It will serve as a resource on how employers can reduce or prevent injuries and how they can best respond during instances of occupational injuries. The launch will be complemented by a webinar and several regional sessions, and members will be notified about those details in an upcoming communication.

I thank The Federation of Community Social Services of BC and WorkSafeBC for their ongoing support of this important project. I also appreciate the input of CSSEA agencies who were a part of the pilot over the past three years, as well as those who joined in the last year, as their knowledge was invaluable. The project’s success is largely a testament to the hard work and dedication of our Project Manager, Satvinder Basran, whose vision was instrumental in making this sector-leading resource a reality.

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