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Message from the Chair


I am pleased to serve CSSEA members as Chair of the Board of Directors for 2017/2018. Having been involved with CSSEA’s Board and Panels for the last three years, I witnessed the gains made in our sector, foremost among them employee wage increases, improvement in data collection processes, continued collaboration with the unions through joint committee work and historic five year labour stability.

As we look ahead, the landscape will be dynamic and we must position ourselves effectively. With the public sector preparing for 2019 collective bargaining with a new government, employers will look to build on the accomplishments of the last round, and attempt to address emerging issues such as the recruitment and retention of staff in our sector. The Board will also work with CSSEA’s staff to respond to the resolutions tabled by the membership at the 2017 AGM. In addition, I look forward to serving as your representative on the Public Sector Employers’ Council.    

The next year will lay the groundwork for some exciting developments in our sector, especially in light of government’s focus on protecting seniors, reducing poverty, fighting homelessness and improving access to mental health services. CSSEA has a role to play in supporting these goals, specifically by working with employers to ensure their workplaces are equipped with high quality and dedicated staff.  

I encourage you to stay informed this year through CSSEA’s various communications channels. I also invite you to connect with me or your panel representatives directly.  

David Young
Chair, Board of Directors
Chief Executive Officer, Sources Community Resource Centres