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Message from the Chair


I am pleased to once again represent CSSEA members as the Chair of the Board of Directors for 2016/17. My last year as Board Chair has been characterized by some notable strides in the sector, including the continued strengthening of CSSEA as the data repository for the social services sector. CSSEA’s work with the Ministry of Health (MoH), Health Authorities (HAs) and the Public Sector Employers’ Council (PSEC) to eliminate duplication of reporting has resulted in a single reporting structure that capitalizes on efficiency while still maintaining a global picture of our sector. As the Executive Director of a social service agency, I can attest to how the streamlining of reporting responsibilities would enable my staff to focus resources to areas of need.

In a year where collective bargaining has not been a main focus, I am pleased that CSSEA staff and member organizations have had the opportunity to work on various exciting committees. Those include the Classification Committee, Benefits While on Certain Leaves Committee, Benefits Committee, Disability Committee, Joint Training Committee, Labour Adjustment and Education Fund Committee, and Precarious Work Committee.

I encourage member organizations to stay connected with CSSEA by reading the various communications that are distributed, visiting the website, contacting their CSSEA consultant or connecting with panel members or myself.

Janice Barr
Chair, Board of Directors
Executive Director, Richmond Society for Community Living